Find Stories. So, I was talking with my counselor the other day, and she told me I should write down 5 things that I like about myself, and I figured it would fun for all of us to try, I'll begin 1. Figure out 2-3 things about yourself that you really like about yourself and elaborate. You have an entire day to yourself - what do you do? Quiz topic: What's my Best Quality? Beach with friends! Then you should follow up with an instance when at your last you job, you had an important project due and you worked extra hours to make sure it got done. I treat others the way I want to be treated. Keep these things in mind and communicate that to your interviewee and you’ll show that this is a good quality for you. Show You Believe Work Should Be Drama-Free Now this is one you kind of have to be careful talking about, but it could be useful to mention that “Hey, you come to work to work. I love my bum hehe, my hair, my eyes, my legs, how wise I can be and how smart I can be when I really try. The things you emphasize in your answer may also be critical strengths you’re continually working to improve upon. The quality of who you are is reflected in the standards you set for yourself; position yourself to live up to the rise of your own expectations. A second reason employers ask this question is to understand what you value about yourself. Catch up on your favorite TV show. Filter Results By: Search For: Single-Author Stories Group Stories Chain Stories Search In: Title Tags Spend time outside, preferably doing something active . For me its going to be bit different, given the level of maturity and why i need to share it here is that it may be inspirational for young and single ladies like me who are trying to achieve something in life. I go outside every day and play whifle ball with my stepdad. 4. I'm a very loyal friend as well.My least favorite quality is that I'm naturally pessimistic, and I'm rarely content with my life. Spend quality time with your partner or best friend . Have a look around and see what we're about. I'm reeaally soft hearted, I mean, I care for people I don't even know, and I care about other people's needs over my own, sometimes to the extreme though... 2. A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. You can find more quizzes like … By understanding your own motivations, goals, and plans, you will be able to answer with sincerity and confidence. Asking your potential employer if they encourage community service, employ creative expression during coworker bonding activities or promote health and fitness goals among employees can show your interest in being an engaged member of the organization. Work, chores, catch up with some friends. my favorite quality about myself is that I’m a good artist. Rhiley Ball, 2nd, Hilton Elementary, Mrs. Edwards My favorite quality about myself is that I’m athletic. Caring and soft-hearted. Read More: Interview Question: "Tell Me About Yourself" (Tips and Example Answers) For example, you may say you are dedicated. Baseball is my favorite sport because I was the best hitter on the team. Review your career goals and plan your future as a nurse. Always give an example after you say your strength. 4. What is GotoQuiz? As you practice your responses to the nursing interview questions above, evaluate yourself. I'm intelligent. Everything! This greatly increases your chances of getting hired. Start something new like a book or a craft project I play basketball and baseball. My favorite quality about myself is my humor and compassion.