After this, just leave your cutting alone aside from changing the water occasionally. Once you make your cuttings, they should go straight into water or soil to propagate. Simply dip the cutting into the hormone and shake off any excess powder. This helps prevent succulent leaves, which contain a lot of water, from rotting. However, propagating correctly is not enough to make the cuttings grow. Supplies to Propagate Pothos. That way, your pothos cutting will grow. You can see the roots forming below the node arrow, as well as the new vine forming right above the node arrow. pothos; sharp scissors or pruners; bud vases, glass jars or something similar; How to Propagate Pothos in Water. For those of you not familiar, when you take cuttings of succulents, you want to let them air dry for a couple days or more so that the cut dries or “callouses” over. Confused? If left in water, your pothos plant will continue to grow roots. The cold kills the leaves and the stems of the plant. Better yet, do single node cuttings! By the “wrong” season, I mean wintertime when many houseplants slow down. However, pothos does not thrive when the soil is waterlogged. Pothos (also known as golden pothos or devil’s ivy) is a hardy indoor plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that grow on vines. Pay close attention to the plant, keep them indoors under bright light, and protect them from mealy bugs. Don’t keep your cuttings in a very dark area. Also, check out my shop on Amazon for all your houseplant care needs:OHIO TROPICS PLANT CARE STOREFRONT, Very detailed instructions. Remember, you just chopped off a big section of vine, and your cutting still needs moisture to survive. You can grow and root pothos in soil. They can otherwise be called the devil’s ivy. They will just sit there and do nothing if it’s too cold. You’ll need to take at least three to six cuttings as not all will necessarily be successful. Spray with neem oil weekly until all the bugs are destroyed. Discover (and save!) If you don’t do that, the cutting will not root in the first place. You can use these same general tips to water propagate any of the following plants: Hopefully you have discovered at least 1 or 2 things that you can change so that you can be successful if you’ve had problems in the past with your Pothos not rooting. This should help! When you cut it back, those cuttings will happily take root in water. Here’s a link to the one that I use! HELP. If you plant the cuttings in unhealthy soil, your pothos will not grow. Remove the cuttings and replant in well-drained soil at a 6.5 pH level. so I've been propagating some golden pothos cuttings and most of them have rooted really well. That means, if you exposed the plant to a cold temperature below a 50oF, it is probably dying. And make multiple cuttings because not every one will be viable! Before growing the pothos plant, in water, you have to use a healthy vine that was cut below a node. Try and keep a close eye on the plant. Pothos plant (Photo by Pixabay) Sylvain in Montreal, QC., asks: I planted cuttings of my variegated pothos that had been rooted in water. Adding too much fertilizer can attract mealybugs because these insects like to feed on houseplants with high nitrogen levels. If you can, take them from two different cultivars. #pothos #propagate #cuttingsHere Im going to teach you the best methods and why you would choose one over the other when propagating pothos cuttings. (5 Causes & Solutions), Mold In Potting Soil Bags – Causes & Solutions, Growing Hydroponic Coffee - Everything You Need To Know, 8 Reasons Your Pothos Cutting Is Not Growing, 2. Roots need air in order to grow. Whether you’re just not seeing any root growth, or worse yet, your Pothos is yellowing, wilting, drooping, or rotting in water, this post will solve all your woes. I put it in a glass vase and give it indirect sun. My daughter, bless her heart, gave me cuttings from a pothos she has and placed the cuttings in potting soil. This houseplant will flourish, whether they are rooted in water or soil. Or should I leave it as is. Cut off individual vines, right below a ” root node”. That's always a good idea. After rooting the cuttings in soil, you need to protect them from mealy bugs. 5 out of 5 stars (1,421) 1,421 reviews $ 4.99 Bestseller Favorite Add to Pothos Cuttings TheJuicyPlant. Pothos likes warms temperatures to grow, so if you’re keeping your cuttings too cold, it will hinder root growth! Probably the easiest way to get your Pothos cuttings to root is to just place them in water. Trim each cutting neatly to 4 or 6 inches in length, snipping it just below a leaf node, then strip away several of the bottom leaves. They will eventually root for you. The Pothos Vine Was Wrongly Cut Before growing the pothos plant, in water, you have to use a healthy vine that was cut below a node.