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[Data and Replication Code] They go out, casting a wide net to look for replication studies (they include not only Google Scholar and the Web of Science, and the Replication in Economics wiki, but also suggestions from journal editors, their own collections and a systematic search of the top 50 economics journals). Before, I shared some thoughts for improving academic journals.One of my complaints is about how long it takes. Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 88, June/July 2017. If an author refuses to share the original data in their fields, it is highly likely that their paper would be retracted. The Editors maintain a website that is for the use of the authors, referees and readers. Covid-19: Test Inequality in New York City, with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, and Ken Teoh. 1991. Journal of Monetary Economics 70 (2015) 22–38. A Quantitative Analysis of Optimal Sustainable Monetary Policies. Camerer et al. - vcurdia/CW2011-ReplicationCodes Our analysis builds on an insight that has been used extensively in the literature on the effects of attaining the zero-lower bound on nominal interest rates.4 That insight is that occasionally Does the Commodity Super Cycle Matter?, with Andrés Fernández and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, July 2020. 18, pp. Whenever possible, there is a link to the computer code that is necessary to replicate the results reported in a particular publication. Matlab replication codes. At JAE we have always required authors to provide their data sets and any specialized computer programs as a precondition for publication, with the aim of facilitating the replication of results that we publish. ... Reimagining the introductory material in teaching money creation and monetary policy. Recognising these incentives, I advance proposals aimed at journal editors that will increase the supply of replication studies, and I propose a way of generating more scientific replication that will make empirical economic research more credible. Following the approach in Dixit and Lam- bertini (2003), differences in objectives are fertile ground to explore the strategic interactions between policymak- ers. Haroon Mumtaz & Gabor Pinter & Konstantinos Theodoridis, 2018. 1 The appendix and replication programs of this paper can be found on the Science Direct website. Univariate Detrending with Stochastic Trends, Journal of Monetary Economics, June 1986, Vol. The following is a list of scholarly journals in economics containing most of the prominent academic journals in economics.. Popular magazines or other publications related to economics, finance, or business are not listed.. Journal of Monetary Economics Review Speed, ... Research is often a slow process, requiring the careful design, optimization, and replication of experiments. / Journal of Monetary Economics 101 (2019) 64–81 Our toolbox is not limited to solving the particular examples above. Article. Transparency in Structural Research. They are the subject of an important literature in monetary economics, starting with the celebrated unpleasant monetarist arithmetic result of Sargent and Wallace (1981) and more closely related to the mechanism in our model with the literature on the fiscal theory of the price level starting with Leeper (1991), Sims (1994), and Woodford (1994). Replication Datasets. Testing For Common Trends (with J.H. Journal website / Online appendix / Replication files. 12 (December 2011), … By the time you have accrued enough data to write a manuscript, you will likely want to publish as soon as possible. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Volume 38, Issue 4 (2020) Comments . AidData has assembled a collection of replication datasets associated with scholarly research on aid allocation and aid effectiveness. Isaiah Andrews, Matthew Gentzkow & Jesse M. Shapiro. Smith, J.B. Taylor / Journal of Monetary Economics ] (]]]]) ]]]–]]] Published online: 25 Aug 2020. Andre R. Neveu . Replication Codes for VAR and other Figures here. Journal Data and Program Archives / Replication Studies This section describes sites that archive data and programs from economic journals as well as replication studies. 35, No. The e-Journal's Archive - March 2007 to August 2020. Replication Codes for IV regressions and oil supply shocks data in Figure 4 here. The Journal of Monetary Economics was founded in 1975, and quickly established itself as the leading professional journal in macroeconomics.It is consistently ranked as one of the top journals in economics, and it is widely read by macroeconomists, financial economists, central bankers, and many others. Download paper . This is the archive of Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal covering all papers, articles and comments published from the e-journals start till August 2020. A monetary approach to the exchange rate: doctrinal aspects and empirical evidence, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 78, 200-24. Experimental economists have joined the reproducibility discussion by replicating selected published experiments from two top-tier journals in economics. All of the top general-purpose economics journals have a data and code-sharing policy. Pages: 297-316. Fuhrer, J. C. and Weiller, K. J. Read the latest articles of Journal of Monetary Economics at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature - vcurdia/CW2016-ReplicationCodes A generalised stochastic volatility in mean VAR. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 47(6), 1119-1147, September 2015. Slides. Journal of Monetary Economics, 84, pp. 66 M. Bodenstein et al. Abstract. American Economic Review, Volume 106, Issue 10, October 2016. 90, October, pp.28-49. The latter series was established in 1976 and had been … Journal Archives It is the policy of the Quarterly Journal of Economics to publish papers only if the data used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and are readily available to any researcher for purposes of replication. Welcome to the Journal of Monetary Economics. The incentives for replication facing editors, authors and potential replicators are examined. 5 Other Fields Our colleagues in the physical and biological sciences would be perplexed by the history of the replication debate in finance. discussion. Pages: 711-722. 2 Previous work combining models of the term structure with monetary policy rules include Fuhrer ... 2 J.M. From September 2020 on, the journal is … Founded in 1975, this journal is a leader in macroeconomic research. The Journal of Monetary Economics is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering research on macroeconomics and monetary economics.It is published by Elsevier and was established in October 1973 by Karl Brunner and Charles I. Plosser.Beginning in 2002, it was merged with the Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy. Economic Journal Replicability is an important part of every science, although what is meant by replication varies quite widely across different disciplines. occasionally binding constraints without adaptation. Evidence from state-level data, Economics Letters,Volume 167,2018,Pages 127-130, (Code, Appendix) Haroon Mumtaz, 2018. This literature-related list is incomplete; you can help by The Power of Forward Guidance Revisited; With Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson. The Journal of Economic Education, Volume 51, Issue 3-4 (2020) Research in Economic Education. usually be headed to a top economics journal to a top finance journal still holds. Specializing in mathematical economic theory, Journal of Economics focuses on microeconomic theory while also publishing papers on macroeconomic topics as well as econometric case studies of general interest. Martin Uribe - Research Department of Economics Columbia University Staggered Price Indexation, NBER working paper 27657, August 2020.. ABOUT THE JOURNAL Frequency: 12 issues/year ISSN: 0022-3808 E-ISSN: 1537-534X 2018 JCR Impact Factor*: 6.342 Ranked #5 out of 363 in Economics. Journal of Monetary Economics, 58(1), pp. . Journal of Monetary Economics. As of this writing, the Journal of Finance has a code-sharing policy, the Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) requires authors to share code if the results are challenged, and the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) is currently developing a policy. The empirical literature on exchange rates is largely negative, suggesting to some that the degree of Economics Letters.