My toddler loves it too! Did I do something wrong? The taste with this one is on point and I’ll give you a few options along the way. Definitely go all out and do the whip cream too. Strange, I have no idea what happened! Can I substitute something in place of thecoconut cream? Adjust sugar to suit your taste preference. Thank you for sharing. Worked like a charm. 4 cup coconut milk; 4 cup water; 2 cup rice; 2 cup coconut grated; 1/2 cup stevia powder to taste; 2 cloves; 1 stick cinnamon; 1 pinch salt; 1 tsp cinnamon powder I don’t see how it could turn out liquidy if you use thick canned coconut cream, which is very firm when chilled. A delectable vegan custard bursting with fabulous coconut flavour is sure to appeal coconut lovers. Substitute regular sugar with coconut sugar if you don’t mind the dark colour and earthy taste of the pudding. So delicious! It takes around 8-10 minutes. For the chocolate pudding recipe can you use raw honey instead of maple syrup? I followed the recipe and it only firmed up on top, the rest was still super liquidy after chilling almost 24 hours. For this particular recipe, I used the Thai Kitchen full fat canned coconut milk, just the cream part. However, with 1/4th of the mixture I decided (instead of putting it in a ramekin like the rest) that I’d pour it into a mug and top it off with almond milk (vanilla unsweetened). This pudding tastes so much like your typical box mix, but without as much guilt. Combine coconut milk, sugar, vanilla extract, prepared cornflour slurry in a saucepan. The first time I made it, I used 6 Tbsp of maple syrup and it was still too sweet for my taste. So this was really good. We also liked the banana almond butter bars. Cooking time may vary depending on the type of burner you use. Is the syrup for sweetening and texture? To bypass the text section choose “SCROLL TO RECIPE” or “PRINT RECIPE” or click the “SCROLL TO VIDEO” option to watch the full video of this recipe. Love your recipes!! So I basically halved the recipe and it turned out with the perfect consistency…maybe a little more chocolately than i expected, so next time I will get more cans so that I can make the full amount. Everytime i try to make a pudding like this it is still liquid form after being in the fridge for a long tine. If you are allergic to coconuts … Cover and refrigerate until set, or overnight for a thick creamy pudding. Lastly, I put it in the freezer to set quickly, and in an hour part of it froze into a delicious ice cream consistency. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Stir and mix well. This is such a great way to use coconut milk. Finally, a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Pudding that does not contain either avocado OR any specialty ingredients! I’m new to this paleo world, and I feel like it’s me making the mistake. It might be okay to note that in the recipe as well for others. Looks good! I just used it for the first time in a Curry Chicken soup and a portion of the Can was solid and the rest liquid. I have been following you for years. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. You could also … Try adding strawberry puree for a fruity version or add some cocoa for kid appeal. Makes about 4 servings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ingredients . Your presentation is amazing! ????? Required fields are marked *. Just made this recipe for the first time tonight (as directed aside from adding 2 squares of Ghirardelli 92% cacao chocolate to richen it up further), and the pudding is chilling in the fridge currently. 1/3 cup coconut milk. thank you! These easy one-skillet teriyaki meatballs are perfect for weeknights. Thanks!! Thanks! What did you do with the liquid from the can you didn’t use for pudding? Should I drain the white stuff first? This super easy, 4 ingredient paleo and vegan chocolate pudding is so rich, creamy, and chocolatey that you won't believe it's dairy free, healthy, and refined sugar free! Powdered Starch: I’ve used corn flour that acts as a thickening agent and aids in smooth and silky soft texture to the custard sauce. Thank you for supporting Paleo Running Momma! what setting did you use on your Vitamix and for how long did you blend it? […], […] View recipe at […], […] Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Pudding {Nut Free} […], […] canned coconut milk, just the cream part. Well, it’s so tasty so I’ll definitely try it again! This recipe uses condensed and evaporated coconut milk. All options are located at the beginning of the post. Enjoy it hot or chill it in the fridge for a few hours and serve chilled. It helps to shake off the filling without affecting the cream cream. Your email address will not be published. I ended up liking the tast/texture of the coconut milk pudding more than my son with the allergies (dairy, egg, tree nut) did though! My husband loved it. Taste, and add a bit more maple if you'd like a sweeter pudding. Bring to the boil on the hob, stirring frequently. You can use any other liquid sweetener and it wouldn’t affect the texture. 🙂. Today I bring you a Vegan Rice Pudding that is so delicious you will not believe it has 3 ingredients. this vegan pumpkin pudding actually doubles as a Vegan … Coconut milk: I’ve used store-bought full fat coconut milk can. No…did you use coconut cream from a can? Looks too good to pass up! Wish I knew so I could help! Incredibly delicious! I don’t know what happened. You could use other powdered starch such as arrowroot. But now I’m not worried about trying it again because I have this amazing pudding to fall back on lol. I’ve made this recipe twice, and expect to make it many more times. Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll get that cream at the top. Even my husband who doesn’t like healthy cocoa based puddings loved it! I am staying away from pretty much all sugar so could I sub Stevia for the maple syrup? Have used most of them. Scoop entire can of coconut milk into a heatproof, microwave-safe bowl. A pinch of ground nutmeg or ground cinnamon gives it a wonderfully wholesome and amazing flavour. Â. Help spread the word. It thickens more when chilled. I’ll say it has happened enough times to me over the course of the past two months for me to finally just stick to using canned coconut cream rather than the separated milk at all. Lol, I’ve done things like that 🙂 So glad it worked out anyway this time, luckily it’s pretty resilient! i will give it 5 star , coz its really faboulous, So easy & it came out great! So for people who rarely consume suger, I’d suggest 4 Tbsp. I made this with a can of coconut cream but used the entire can including the thick liquid. My husband loved it. Do you happen to remember my rant/warning about making coconut whipped cream with the right kind of canned coconut cream/milk? Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Pudding {Nut Free}, Can you use the pudding and add to a nut crust for chocolate pudding pie? My fiancé just found out he needs to be on a dairy free diet but hates anything that tastes like coconut :/. 1 teaspoon agar powder. I hope you stay awhile, eat, savor, and enjoy! You could use it in place of pastry cream. oh we lovvvvvve coconut over here! Just kidding. In a small saucepan over low heat, whisk together the coconut cream, cacao, and maple syrup (start with 6 Tbsp, or even less if you want a very dark chocolate pudding) until smooth. To make a cornflour slurry, combine cornflour and little coconut milk in a small bowl. I poured the mixture into a cooked pie shell and chilled in the fridge. I just had to make these and I have to say that this became my kid’s favorite. Yes that’s right, scoop out the hardened cream at the top of the can. Be sure the coconut cream you use doesn’t contain guar gum. Thanks for the recipe! seems like I need to add some whipped coconut cream or something. I’m also pretty sure I’ll be able to modify this recipe to make chocolate mousse, my all time favorite, without the dairy kicking my butt. A delectable vegan custard sauce bursting with fabulous coconut flavour is sure to appeal coconut lovers. I’ll use just the dense cream next time. Turn on the heat to the medium-low flame and keep stirring continuously. Thanks again! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Turn off the heat and transfer the sauce to a pitcher or jar. I love coconut … He kept calling it chocolate ice cream bc that’s his favorite and I was so happy I was able to let him indulge in something that was free from all that junk in normal treats. Thank you <3. I’m so happy you stopped by! AroyD makes one without it. P.S. Keep aside. Remove from heat at this point, and stir in the salt and vanilla. I can’t wait to try this! Step 1 Combine almond milk, almonds, sugar, vanilla and coconut (if using) in a pan.  After making it about 3 times after the same problem occurred, I realized it was becoming one of my favorite desserts, and it was time to make things official 🙂. Sweetener: Regular sugar has been used in this recipe. You're awesome for doing it! Add cocoa powder to make yummy vegan chocolate coconut pudding. You could use vanilla pod or pure extract. Reduce the heat slightly. I made a half batch tonight and didn’t realize until this very moment that I forgot to halve the cocoa. Mine turned out SUPER runny. This is a super simple vegan pudding and this vegan coconut pudding is AKA "tembleque" which means shaky, because of its jiggly consistency. I used a can of coconut cream and followed the recipe exactly! Your put on the very bottom to use only the solid part in the canned coconut, it would have been nice to see that above, I made it already, with the whole can as it did not specify in the directions but in a fine line,way at the bottom i discovered after the fact,,, ,, so disappointed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Works really well for whipped toppings without the fuss of skimming the cream from the milk. Thanks for the awesome recipe! I like the irony of my photos (not 100% sure this is actually irony) with the perfectly whipped coconut cream sitting on top of pudding that was born from coconut cream that wouldn’t whip.
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