Yono! The Cupid Effect (Season 4, Episode 69) [edit | edit source] Wade invents a raygun to make Kim's friend Monique fall in love with him. He wants to ask her out, but Monique does not care for the age difference. Fortunately for him, Kim reaches the impression that Ron brought her to Paris for a date, which she finds romantic. Mr. Barkin: Awww. Okay, I know what it's like to crush, I do, but… *zapped by Cupid Ray, squeals* You're so adorable! A+, Stoppable. But...OH, that means...! Later at Bueno Nacho, Kim and Ron are having a simple date for Valentine's Day, but their kiss is interrupted by Monique reprimanding Wade over the whole incident. Description: Ron gives tips to Wade on how to woo Monique, but when they fail, Wade creates a Cupid ray to make Monique swoon. Kim refers to Ron as weird for his over-the-top reaction before adding "I like weird". It's Valentine's Day and Ron has to scramble when he suddenly remembers he has a girlfriend this year! It's time to call them , Beep them, if you want to reach them.. if you want to page them, It's okay! Jun 22, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Hollie Cahn. Guest Stars: Nestor Carbonell (Señor Senior, Jr.), Phil LaMarr (Security Guard), Ricardo Montalban (Señor Senior, Sr.), Raven-Symone (Monique), Roz Ryan (Wade's Mom), Patrick Warburton (Mr. Steve Barkin) This FAQ is empty. Monique greets him for the first time in person and suddenly Wade is in love with her. ; Bait-and-Switch: At first, the episode looked like it would be focusing on Kim and Ron's first Valentines Day as a couple, but then almost instantly switches to Wade's crush on Monique, much to the ire of many fans. Ron: Happy Dental Health month, KP. Although confused, Kim believes that maybe all Wade and Monique needed was a third chance and a romantic environment and she turns her focus back to Ron for the night. Monique: French fries, Kim. Is the Cupid Effect Safe? Video:Kim Possible episode 69 The Cupid Effect Part 1Video:Kim Possible episode 69 The Cupid Effect Part 2Video:Kim Possible episode 69 The Cupid Effect Part 3 Add a photo to this gallery Entering the concert itself proves to be difficult as Monique lacks a grappling hook, which Kim, Ron and Waded all possessed. It does not have any such harmful thing that may cause any damage to your personality. The red hair girl was known as Kim Possible, the teen-hero that fights crime and saves the world from time to time and her dark-skinned friend was Monique, best friend to Kim Possible. May 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Toothless. Kim: Hey, Ron. Then he realizes that he does have a girlfriend this Valentine's day. First interrupted kiss between Kim and Ron, something which becomes a running gag. Instead of yelling "Kimmmmm" while crying. Ron: Oh, uh, I don't celebrate. your own Pins on Pinterest https://kimpossible.fandom.com/wiki/The_Cupid_Effect?oldid=36555, Evil plot: Amplify the effects of the Cupid Ray created by Wade to make masses of girls fall in love with Junior. What happened to LeSean? Kim reminds Ron about Valentine's Day, but Ron says he doesn't celebrate,having never had a girlfriend on Valentine's Day. The Cupid Effect - Add Wade walking towards Kim, while the crowd leaves. It's Valentine's Day and Ron has to scramble when he suddenly remembers he has a girlfriend this year! Rufus: (comes out of Ron's pocket with a toothbrush) Ta-da! Ron offers Wade advice on how to woo Monique, but when it backfires, the young supergenius creates a Cupid Ray. The Cupid Effect Kim Possible Season 4. After getting in trouble for impersonating a president the two contemplate how complicated romance is. View production, box office, & company info. I have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day!". Wade wishes it were as easy as inventing things, and Ron jokingly suggests Wade make some kind of love-ray to make girls instantly fall in love. Ron's excuse is that the Eiffel Tower is in danger. The City of Lights? your own Pins on Pinterest In between practice, she and Ron try to recover state-of-the-art animatronic animals and a neon-style gas from the thieving Seniors, one of which is coming up with his own evil scheme for the very first time. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. Monique: I'm a scrub magnet, no use denying. Discover (and save!) Desperate to stop their efforts from unraveling further, Ron goes after Junior personally while Wade goes to find the Cupid Ray. It originally aired on 10 February 2007. Kim Possible Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Discover (and save!) Wade pops up in person, scaring Ron by tapping him on the shoulder. Presidents Day. But today was like no other day as it was a special day. As if that wasn't enough, she has to put up with the Tweebs, who have skipped a few grades and are now attending Middleton High School as Freshmen. The Middleton High School Reader Board does not feature in this episode. But things get even more complicated when the Señor Seniors gain posession of Wade's Cupid Ray's plans... "Holy Cannoly! Eventually. Kim: So not. ; Call-Back: Ron references the events of "Mind Games" … English. If you haven't seen this season 4 episode, I suggest you don't read, you might get confused, but if you do, enjoy and please leave a review. Takes place at the end of The Cupid Effect episode of Kim Possible. During the end credits Wade explains to Ron that Olivia is also a super genius, and had invented her own Cupid Ray which she has been using on him. Unfortunately for Kim, Senior is hiding behind her and removes her ear protection before she has a chance to take action - thus she too falls under effect of the amplified Cupid Ray. Needing to move quickly, Kim zaps Monique with the Ray, bringing her along for the mission. The Cupid Effect (2007) Season 4 Episode 409- Disney's Kim Possible Cartoon Episode Guide BCDB Rating: " The Cupid Effect " has not yet received enough votes … The Cupid Effect Ron: The notes! Hi, The Cupid Effect: This is a Wade-eps and he left his room and got outside to meet Monique, ahhh. Kim Possible Screen Caps The Cupid Effect. Kim thinks nothing of zapping Monique herself to shut her up, and threatens to do it again latter. Suddenly all the attending girls go from annoyed disinterest to raving over him like he is the best singer in the world. The Cupid Effect Wade hat sich in Monique verknallt, doch sie erwidert seine Zuneigung leider nicht. Due mainly to Ron trying too hard to make Wade look grown up, resulting in them getting in trouble with mall security as well as mixing up his biology homework with a romantic note he wrote for Wade to read to Monique. Almost Kiss: This episode starts a new Running Gag where Kim and Ron attempt to kiss but are interrupted. Action. I don't wanna sound desperate, but V-day's coming. Thus the four are able to walk in the front doors without issue. Trading Places - Add a new part for a cat chasing Rufus, while Team Possible talks Camile Leon. G. Wade has fallen for Monique and she doesn't reciprocate. A failed attempt to woo Monique at the mall follows. It's Valentines day at Club Banana and Monique is complaining about a horrible drive-through date she had. Clothes Minded - Ron yells "No, Kim, nooooooo!" Predictably, it falls into the wrong hands, in this case the Senors, who use it to make hundreds of women fall in love with Junior, including Kim and Monique. Ron uses Le Goop hair gel on Wade, which was first introduced to Ron by Francois. Wade's crushing on Monique and invents a Cupid Ray so she'll crush back, Ron takes Kim and Monique to Paris, and the Seniors try to conquer half the world using Wade's new invention. Kim confronts Ron over the way Monique is suddenly fawning over Wade in between trying to actively avoid him, and eventually Ron confesses about the Cupid Ray. She mentions jealously that Kim and Ron probably have something planned for Valentines day, but Kim replies that Ron … :) (Btw, i really hate this stupid, be-romantic-at-all-costs-valentine-day.) But worse is on the horizon. With Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Tahj Mowry. Kim: Well... Monique: Drive-through. I love Kims expressions as "fell-in-love" to Junior and Monique was great! I mean, yeah, you know, I never had a girlfriend on... (Realizes that Kim is his girlfriend) Holy Canoli! Kim and Monique decide to dress Wade and Ron up as women. "The Cupid Effect" is a Valentine's Day-themed episode of the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. Ron momentarily freaks out, worried that Kim also has one somewhere, when she walks up and startles him. However, Monique expresses happiness with being his friend although she is not interested in a romantic attachment, despite being flattered by his crush. Monique: Valentine's … Wade may be twelve here, as Monique says he would not be old enough to drive for four more years, but Kim mentions that he is five years younger than them. The Cupid Effect: Revamp. Kim was working at her job at Club Banana, but Ron was off work from Smarty Mart due to the pet department being closed because some cages were left open, which to led to "Food Chain-issues," making this the only time Kim was working and Ron was not, after he gained his job at Smarty Mart. Overnight, Wade develops the new device and builds a prototype. Wade changes out the batte… Ron and Rufus: Ahhh! Oh No! Ron refers to the other time that he wore a dress, but he was mind switched with Kim at the time. Unfortunately, the device falls into the hands of Señor Senior Sr. Ned leans over the counter and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at her - which makes Monique quite content with being single for the moment. Ron: You need to whisk Monique away to the City of Lice! I like the idea with sack of flour. Enjoy and review please. Kim Possible SE4 EP069 - The Cupid Effect – просмотров, продолжительность: 20:56 мин. Kim: You do know what happens in February. Ron decides to help him out, even going so far as to say, "Who's dating Kim Possible?" your own Pins on Pinterest Monique: Look, Wade. The Cupid Effect Basic Information. Wade's father's first name is Lontaine—Wade's mother's first name is still unknown. When Ron's smooth stylings fail to work for Wade, he devises the Cupid Ray to make Monique swoon! Then he realizes that he does have a girlfriend this Valentine's day. He becomes awkward and giddy. But it would be neat to see Ron/Wade work together with … Kim investigates a series of thefts surrounding several famous celebrities, as well as the shady (if somewhat shallow) Camille Leon. Aware that the Cupid Ray could effect Kim and Monique, Wade gives them special earplugs to prevent the ray from affecting them. Ron: Nothing. In Paris, while Ron and Wade are hiding behind the bushes and discussing the plan, Monique has two heads. Just after he finishes it, Ron enters with the idea to scoop Monique away to somewhere romantic. Kim Possible SE4 EP069 - The Cupid Effect – 113 просмотров, продолжительность: 20:56 мин. Unfortunately, the device falls into the hands of Senor Senior Senior, who uses it to help Junior seduce all the women in the world. Kim has her original mission outfit, which was destroyed earlier. Wade's got a crush on Monique? Unfortunately, Señor Senior Junior and his father are in France for "Le Goop" hair-gel, and see the Cupid Ray in action from inside the store.
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