Click on the large yellow “Visit” button on their website to find hackathons in North America and Europe. Un hackathon può avere varie finalità lavorative, didattiche, sociali. Unfortunately, Major League Hacking isn’t able to provide hackers with travel reimbursements. Built using Django by the HackUPC and HackCU team. Participants may be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable meals, lodging, transportation, and … Hacker League. As I received my first acceptance to the prestigious HackIllinois 2016 at The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign , I was excited just as anyone who were to attend their first Hackathon, that is completely paid for, every sense. And for all the young padawans, it has a filter for hackathons accepting high schoolers. Both hardware and software projects are welcome. Before I begin with my experience I would like to share that we are enrolled in Bachelor of Technology course in computer science and are currently in the second year. Powered by Nordic Innovation - Copenhagen: October 25th - 27th, 2019 MHacks is a hackathon held in the northeastern U.S. (Ann Arbour, Michigan) in September and January. Not only is Hackalist ( open source, it is also very cool for those who like to travel. My two favorite hackathons have been found through here, and both times I found them last minute (HackUMass & QuackHack). I’ve never seen anything online or corporate. This should include technical training (e.g. What’s great about Devpost is their search system. Are there any costs? For example, the Netflix Hack Day is a one-day event to design an interesting feature […] This is about HackIllinois 2016, and moreover, it is about how Hackathons are changing the face of the Tech industry, for good. Our hackathons take place in cool and exciting locations - from train carriages across Europe to mounting cable cars in Hong Kong making them an experience never to be forgotten! MLH is the official student hackathon league, with a stated mission to empower hackers. Hackathons In Michigan MHacks. Any person under 18 must be a Penn State University student at the date of the event to participate. 180+ Student Hackathons: Famous Hackathons To Participate In Technology students love hackathons and rightly so! It allows to the hackathon organization team to manage applications including travel reimbursement, applications reviews, project judging, registrations stats and more. I’ve only seen in-person hackathons hosted at a University or High School. By liking one page, you are suggested between 5 to 20 more. Check out this website for high school hackathons: Hackathons provide an opportunity to learn, experiment, meet new people and establish potentially valuable connections. Wikimedia hackathons are essentially large development community meetups that attract many developers and designers who care deeply about the issues and technology impacting MediaWiki and the Wikimedia projects. MLH Hackathons are open to any student currently enrolled in full time or part time higher education. If you are in need of a hackathon tomorrow, Devpost is your way to go. If not, there are other hackathons on the list that are not intended for students that you have the right to attend. You hear that Asia, Africa, & South America? Food, swag, mentors, etc. Major League Hacking ( is an organization built on empowering hackers. In addition, you can search for hackathons by name or city, and you also have the opportunity to click “View all upcoming hackathons.”. They do amazing stuff for anyone who goes to hackathons, wants to, or even plans hackathons (University and High School). Apply for every single hackathon you can, so you have options. Each format is tailored to achieve your business goals and can be organized anywhere in the world! Admission Price: Free. #HackTheIce). How to Determine that You are Being Wiretapped by the Police? Advance your own funds to train and prep for upcoming hackathons with fellow entrepreneurs. Student hackathons are a great destination for students to get their hands dirty on live projects that they believe in. Travel Reimbursement: Up to $300 USD. Unless, you don’t choose any of them . And, most importantly, you can search by location or even topic. Check out my guide, My Experience in Getting an Internship Offer From Google, My Journey From Open Source Noob to Google Summer of Code 2020, How I Got Selected for Google Summer of Code 2019, My Plastic Footprint: a Physical Data Visualisation Project, My journey to becoming a GSoC ’20 Student. This is a directory of hackathons (especially recurring hackathons) around the world sorted by country. Many hackathons use Devpost ( to help you find a team, submit your project, and look at other projects. Did you get off the phone forever? (Has there been a hackathon in Antarctica yet? Not sure how to apply to a hackathon? At the end, projects and ideas are presented, sometimes with an element of competition. HackAssistant - A registration system designed for hackathons. MHacks’ Facebook page. We expect 2000 students will be attending MLH hackathons this Autumn, so we can’t guarantee we’ll help everybody. Check out my guide. Any student over the age of 18 at the time of the event can attend the event with a valid ID. Contribute on GitHub. A list of upcoming hackathons worldwide. In addition to facebook fan pages, there is a group named Hackathon Hackers that is full of over 38 thousand (and rising) hackers who will be more than happy to help you find a hackathon. - PoojaB26/Hackathons-Around-The-World Hackathon IO ( has just about every hackathon on Earth. You can filter by in-person or online. Hackathons in Rohnert Park, United States in 2017 - page 3. Un hackathon (anche detto hackfest) è un evento al quale partecipano, a vario titolo, esperti di diversi settori dell'informatica: sviluppatori di software, programmatori e grafici. Travel reimbursement is available - just complete the travel reimbursement application. Hackathons are sometimes undertaken to achieve a specific goal, but often they enable companies to implement ready-to-work and ready-to-work ideas in low-risk environments. We have in certain cases provided it in the past but we’re always on the hunt to find more sustainable ways to bring more students to hackathons. We made a video to help you share your hackathon experience with the world! So if the hackathon sounds like your event, check out these five sites and upgrade yourself! The following companies : Hewlett-Packard France, SAS with a capital of €438 000 000 registered under the number 652 031 857 at the Trade and Companies Register of Evry, whose head office is located 1 avenue du Canada 91857 Les Ulis, France. Un hackathon generalmente ha una durata variabile tra un giorno e una settimana. Let’s take a look at what Product Managers need to know about hackathons in 2019: MLH promises quality in their hackathons, and they definitely deliver. Find, compete, and earn points for your school at the largest, most diverse student hackathons in the world. Hackathons can be good practice if you want a job in coding. Wikimedia Hackathons normally last between 2 and 4 days and focus on technologies and projects powering Wikipedia and thousands of MediaWiki installations. To see all the hackathons, click on “Find an Event” and then on your respective continent. The site also features hackathons from around the world, not only from North America and Europe. By clicking on the Devpost hackathon, you can register for the event and view extensive information, including the agenda. Do your friends and family wonder what you do every weekend? In some hackathons, all work is on a single application, such as an operating system, programming language, or content management system.Such events are often known as "code sprints", and are especially popular for open source software projects, where such events are sometimes the only opportunity for developers to meet face-to-face.. Code sprints typically last from one week to three … You can get the reimbursement for more than one hackathon. Contributions are welcome! everything is free thanks to our sponsors! It has a filter that only shows you hackathons giving travel reimbursement. With Devpost you can not only find hackathons, but also browse hackathon projects, submit projects and find a hackathon team. CHALLENGE REGULATIONS HACK4EUROPE CHALLENGE 2015 . Our hackathons bring together the tech innovators and industry experts to solve problems. Trusted by 300+ leading global brands - 40+ countries - 1,200+ hackathons organized - 4 offices - … Even it was our first hackthon. ( is another listing website with a different styling. I also asked my question on Hackathon Hackers, and these are the responses I got: Still unsure of how to find a hackathon, how to apply, how to go, or just want to talk? Some of the most common applications for the host(s) include; discovering business solutions, accelerated product/service launch, staff training and engagement, canvassing for new talent, and improved developer relations. If the hackathon is a competition, the committee evaluates the presentations and presents the prizes. The coolest part is that they have a map. Hackathons can actually be great ways to add to your PM portfolio and get some experience with building Products. How to get the most out of Hackathons. In order to go to a hackathon, you have to apply to at least one. Learn all about the best spyware apps for Android and iPhone. Advance your own funds to train and prep for upcoming hackathons with fellow entrepreneurs. You will be able to monitor phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, web and social networks. You can sort by end date or prize amount. Here you can enter your address or city to find hackathons nearby. Recently Paytm organised its first hackathon. Personally, I only apply to hackathons that offer travel reimbursements. You can also view a list of hackathons with codes that determine whether the event allows virtual participation, is intended only for students and / or requires a registration fee. To participate in MLH member events, you must be a student or have a university degree in the last 12 months. Hackalist describes himself as a “list of hackathons from around the world.” It lists the hackathons by date and price, including a description of the event and other key information. No! Announcement Due to the current situation with COVID 19, we have decided to conduct the final phase of the hackathon online. You can find online or personal hackathons, as well as sort by application deadlines and prize amounts. In fact, this guide was inspired by someone’s post on the site asking for hackathons this semester. In order to get the most out of hackathons and increase your chances of success, there are a number of things you can do before, during and after them. But really, my advice is to go to all of the websites above and any more you can find. Before you get to know about the benefits of Hackathon, it is essential that you first understand the concept. The hackathon, also called codefest, is a coding marathon where technicians work to build websites, mobile applications, robots, and other applications. Not only is Hackalist ( open source, it is also very cool for those who like to travel. In addition, there is usually free food, fun activities and interesting prizes! A Hackathon is an intense event that brings together computer programmers like software developers, graphic designers and user interface specialists along with industry process experts and professionals to identify issues and create software solutions, usually within a weekend. A list of upcoming hackathons from around the world. If you wish, you can choose a filter only for hackathons who offer reimbursement of travel expenses, have prizes, accept high school students and / or are free. What’s even cooler, is that they have a “network” tab where you can find fellow hackers to start a project with, attend a hackathon with, or even hire. hackathon: A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and other interested people together to improve upon or build a new software program. I went on a liking spree for maybe 100 hackathons so that they show up on my news feed. Especially if you don’t live in North America or Europe. My suggestion here is to apply to 2–3 hackathons for the same weekend with travel so you can choose which one gives you the most reimbursement and attend that one. For students. If you’re a PM with some technical knowledge, or a techie looking to get some PM experience, there’s ways to use hackathons to your advantage. So….. What is a Hackathon? Cream Magazine by Themebeez. Employees are given the freedom and support to collaborate with colleagues in other departments for a certain period of time and without the need to produce a viable product. Back to the challenge Rules of the hackathon. Insiders Secret To Cracking the Google Summer Of Code — Part 2. With Facebook advertising bringing in such amazing ROI for just about anything, almost every hackathon has a facebook page. Here are five websites you can use: HackEvents is the “world’s leading hackathon search engine.” You have several different search options here. HackEvents ( allows you to add hackathons to your favorites. It has a filter that only shows you hackathons giving travel reimbursement. So if you don’t have time to apply right away, you can push that to a later date. Hackathons are really expensive if … Rely on the world's leading hackathon agency to make your company hackathon a success. In each country’s category, the list of hackathons is also categorized based on restrictions on age, location, travel reimbursement options, and more. Hackathons give them a unique opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something new and exemplary. 2019 Copyright © All rights reserved. 3. You can’t lose. I think it’s a difficult question because your, is an independent website and is not affiliated with Google or any company mentioned in the website. True to the spirit of hackathons, you may not submit your past projects to HackGT. I’ve actually been asked for my Devpost account during an internship interview so that they could see all my cool projects. Tips for attending hackathons. The shortlisted participants will be invited to submit their prototype on the hackathon page and present their prototype to NEC through a video conference from the convenience of their current location. Most hackathons last from 24 to 48 hours, with participants working little sleep and little food. You can even view the hackathon map with clickable pins. Do I need any experience to apply? They accept high school students. The U.S. leads the way with over 350 hackathons every year, followed by India and the U.K. Additionally, the survey found that private companies accounted for almost 50% of all hackathons conducted, universities hosted about 30%, and, interestingly, non-profit and government organizations conducted over 10%. Hackathons are not single-purpose events, but rather multifaceted opportunities for both the host organization(s) and participants to achieve a diverse set of objectives. Number and mix of participants (the larger the better, however aconvincing plan should be presented to engage the envisaged number and mix of participants); Duration of the hackathon (the longer the better); Level of training and support (the more the better). How To Wiretap Someone’s Conversation Via Bluetooth, Read Other People’s Messages Without Installing Applications, How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone without Touching It, Ways to Track the Mobile Phone: Android & iPhone. Message me or text/call me @ +1-650-799-3840, Not sure how to apply to a hackathon? Know which hackathons are happening around you, around the world! It has a nice feature of Searching by a city or even address to find local hackathons.

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