Hardened chrome molybdenum steel blade specially designed for cutting hard drawn copper, aluminium cable or 200 pair communications cable… This cutter features a hold-open spring that allows for rapid cutting while the quick-release lever permits the blade to open as the tool is being used. DIFVAN ratchet cable cutter is mechanical designed to easily cut copper and aluminum cables. Klein Tools Online Catalog, featuring tools for Professionals. Some ratcheting cutters may only cut a few types of wires, like copper or aluminum, while others can cut several types without any hiccups. Klein has enabled a hold-open function that allows you to do the fast cutting, while a quick-release lever lets you open the blade during the cutting itself for the removal of cable. Add to Compare. If the blade is not durable or wears too easily, it is not of much help for a seasoned electrician, who does several gigs in a week. To help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 4 Ratcheting Cable Cutter of 2020. It has been operating for over 5 decades and has been successfully delivering high quality and innovative product lines. So after using these specifications, I was able to further cut down on my list. Finally, after getting the verdicts of the professionals, I was able to make the decision of keeping four ratcheting cable cutters in my list. Klein exceeds the highest standards to create superior cable cutters, offering greater cutting power, clean and precise cuts, as well as long life. Telescoping steel handles with rubber grips allow maximum leverage in tight locations. Every electrician knows that Klein Tools is an ideal manufacturer, which makes its hardware to be most compatible and most convenient to electricians all around the world. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp 30 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Bypass Tree Branch Lopper. Maybe they're designed to be used as cutters and croppers. In his spare time David enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family. The traditional cable croppers … To save you time the headache of research, I have done all the recon myself and created a list of cutters for you to review. This premium hand tool is made in Germany. 500mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter. Description Cablecraft's CRC2 cable cutting tool is a hand held ratchet cable cutter, which is designed for core cutting of copper and aluminium multicore power cables up to 325mm² and sector cables up … All Right Reserved, cut copper and aluminum armored cables up to 300mm², cut copper and aluminum  cables of Φ40mm or up to 500mm², cut copper and aluminum  cables and armored cables up to Φ65mm, NO.1 HongQi Road, Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,China 325603. Facom 412.AVSE 1000V Insualted Cable Cropper Cutters Facom Tools 412.AVSE 1000V Insualted Cable … Despite the compact size, there has been no sacrifice in the blade quality or strength. $28.99 $ 28. It is a compact tool with a thin body, but can easily take big cutting jobs. Advantage of DIFVAN electrical ratchet cutters: 1, Thick steel cutter head, improve hardness and durability, firm and hard. You should pick one of the options which fit your requirements optimally. Single handed operation with a comfortable grip and additional features … Ratchet wire cutters adop compact structure , light weight, suitable for operation in narrow space. A ratcheting cable cutter allows you to cut wires accurately and cleanly, without finding yourself to improvise by using tools like a sawzaw or hacksaw. You will get great precision while using this tool and a super aligned cutting action, because of the ball dents on the handles. To help such electricians, I decided to spend some time researching and reviewing the best products in the market at this time. unique ratchet action holds cable tight and allows rapid- straight cuts with minimum effort. 800mm Copper Cable Cutter. While it is excellent in its functionality, Greenlee has made sure that the ergonomics and design of this ratcheting cable cutter is also of superior nature. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. YATO Heavy Duty Ratchet Cable Cutter Cuts up 240mm Square Aluminium and Copp. Thirdly, I looked for the cutting steps. Ratchet cutters is designed by the principle that the principle of leverage is inversely proportional to the area of pressure and force. The special grip on the cutter gives you more leverage and requires reduced force for doing the job. With a powerful double pawl ratchet, the cable cutter can adjust to many cable sizes, allow quick and neat cutting of non-armoured cables. Two styles of the compact cutters ratings match a wide range of overhead and underground conductors. Since only one hand is required to operate the tool, you can also switch between your hands and prevent cramps from developing. Cable cutter ratchet type is made of unique ratchet driving unit action holds cable … Quick view. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 2, Retractable steel pipe, high density of metal material, durable and not easy to break. Date published: 2020-09-11. Now as you would well know by now, selecting a ratcheting cable cutters not easy. Availability: In Stock. Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best ratchet cable cutters on the market. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, £209.50 New. Ratchet structure design of compact ratcheting cable cutter easily cut cable. You can open the blades during cutting, if you need to. The 63060 by Klein Tools is another quality product. Cuts up to 750kcmil copper and 1000kcmil aluminum cables. I do not recommended caring it on your tool belt but keep it in your tool bag ready to be used. 95 31 280 tool black lacquered, handles with multi-component grips. I have found the company to be reliable and effective in nearly all product types I have reviewed so far. I have wrapped up with my list of picks for the best ratcheting cable cutters. OPT Electricians Tools $ 150.00. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Klein Tools has also improved the cutting capacity of this tool, compared to its previous generations, which gives you a greater overall yield. Usually one step cutting is slower than two-step cutting and hence I preferred cutters with the latter mechanism. Cable Cutters (ratchet action) 95 31 250 tool black lacquered, handles with multi-component grips. Ratchet Cable Cutter, Center Cut, 10-1/2In. 800mm Cable Cutters OPT LK-550 Suitable for copper and aluminium cable … The best ratcheting cable cutter easily slices through copper & aluminum cables, is compact & lightweight, and is designed to minimize cable distortion. Got a burning Electrician-related topic you want answered? Add to cart. The blades have a black oxide layer and have been tempered and sheared before being attached to the tool, enabling them to be durable and strong while facing tough wires. Yangoutool Ratchet Cable Wire Cutter and Heavy Duty Aluminum Copper Ratchet Cable Cutter for Cutting Electrical Wire Up to 240mm² Cutter Pliers. 3, Non-slip insulated handle, high hardness plastic, non-conductive, safer operation. DIFVAN durable Ratchet Cable Cutter perfect for cutting up to 40mm or  500mm²  aluminum cables and armored cables. A wide variety of cable cutters, including high leverage, ratchering and high performance tools for cutting copper, aluminum, communication and telephone w Scope application of ratchet crimping tool for cut aluminum cables and armored cables can up to Φ40mm or 500mm², J40 ratchet cutters cut copper and aluminum armored cables up to 300mm², J52 ratchet cutters cut copper and aluminum  cables of Φ40mm or up to 500mm², J75 ratchet cutters cut copper and aluminum  cables and armored cables up to Φ65mm. The manufacturer has been operating in American for over two centuries and has cemented its place as an authority when it comes to dealing with electrician’s hardware. The blades have been reinforced with steel for greater strength and more durability, giving you the confidence to use them even for the toughest jobs. Cable cutter ratchet type is made of unique ratchet driving unit action holds cable tight and allows rapid- straight cuts with minimum effort. It can be used for cutting through copper (600 MCM) and aluminum (750 MCM) wires. The Southwire cutter has a hardened blade, made from steel, to cut through wires smoothly. hold-open spring speeds cutting action. Full disclaimer here. Electrician Apprenticeship: What They Are And The Best Programs. This makes it useful for most electricians, especially those working in a small capacity. Blade quality was my number one priority. Ratchet wire cutters uses higher strength fastening screws,the weight of the product is very light and handles are retractable, design can be long or short. KNIPEX Cable Cutters 3 Stage Ratchet … Get the best deals on Ratchet Cable Cutters when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Cable cutters or wire cutters are most commonly used in electrical applications and are designed specifically to be used with cables and wires. Now I was left with a much shorter list of ratcheting cable cutters that were good in their functionality and had credible feedback from previous customers. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. We’d love to hear from you! Because I am looking for the topmost products and hence these products would never make the cut anyways. On the other hand, a bad ratchet wire cutter is a massive waste of money – hurting your hands and barely able to slice through even the thinnest of cables. These are all of high quality and will cover all of your wire cutting needs. If you would like to discuss the possibility of becoming a Spear & Jackson or an Eclipse Professional Tools stockist simply fill in the enquiry form below and one of our team will get in touch to guide you … Send us your detailed requirement and we will provide you competitive quotation. You will not wait for days! Ratcheting Cable Cutters. While most have some form of covered handle for user … Effortlessly cuts tough, corase-strand copper & aluminum cables up to 1000 MCM. DIFVAN electrical ratchet cutters blade is made of special tool steel, with reliable performance and durable property and high torque driving design ,easy to operate by one hand. Cable Cutters | Klein Tools - For Professionals since 1857 Hand Tools Cable & Bolt - Cutters, Benders Ratchet Cable … You can also easily store the cutter in your tool pouch, while working on site. Electrician Salary: How Much Do Electricians Make a Year? The cutter has a two step mechanism, which will half your strokes per cut as compared to a single step cutter. Its ratcheting cable cutter is one of the best I have found in the market and makes up our last product on this list. Any electrician who is doing projects that require 1/0 wire and greater should make sure to keep with them a ratcheting cable cutter. David has over 20 years experience working as an electrician. It allows you to cut through multiple cables leaving a clean and smooth cut. DIFVAN ratchet cable cutter is mechanical designed to easily cut copper and aluminum cables. Cutting ability was my second most important deciding factor. Remember that not all ratcheting cable cutters have the same capabilities or ability to handle the heavy workload. If you need to do a small job, you can even collapse the handles and use the ratcheting cable cutter single handedly. May Take Time To Get Used To Its Cutting Speed, Excellent price (great value for the money), Cuts Coarse-Strand Copper & Aluminum Cables. OPT Electricians Tools. Why? Electrician Tools, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Tool Bags, Multimeters, and more. 4.7 out of 5 stars (3) ... (2 Pack) For XBox One Charge and Play Kit Rechargeable Battery & Charging Cable… The rounded blade design keeps the tool in alignment and prevents distortion while you cut the wires. Facom Tools 414.AVSE 1000V Insulated Ratchet Cable Cropper Cutter More. The handles have been coated with rubber for maximum comfort and grip while operating, while the telescope style gives you more control, especially while working in tight spaces. Last updated September 13, 2020 by David Walter. Replaceable hardened steel-cutting blades provide long lasting cutting of copper and aluminum wire. Cable Cutter,Heavy Duty Aluminum Copper Ratchet Cable … £66.99 New. Greenlee Compact Ratchet Cable Cutter. The ratcheting mechanism is of single speed and comes with a blade release capability, which means that you can open the blades during the cutting. weight). Ratchet structure design of compact ratcheting cable cutter easily cut cable. Ratcheting Cable Cutter, Length: 21-1/8", Weight: 1.76 lbs, Maximum Capacity: 1000 MCM, 2-1/19" Communications Cable, Frequent Use Capacity: 750 MCM, Handle: Red Show More. Ergonomics is perhaps as important as the blade quality, since a well-designed cutter will allow you to do the job more conveniently and stay focused. RATCHET CUTTERS FOR STEEL WIRE ARMOURED CABLES The ONLY mechanically operated cable cutter to cut STEEL WIRE ARMOURED (Non Hardened Steel) Cables. Ratchet wire cutters no need to hold wire with hands when cutting. The resulting smooth cutting action provides a clean cut with no crushing or warping of the cable. Ratchet Cutters for Cable Cutting 5.00 out of 5 1 customer review|Add a review • ACSR rated • Telescoping handles for added leverage • Cutting capacity of up to 1-3/4″ or 44mm • Large, … Those cable croppers you've shown a picture of look like some weird hybrid cutter/cropper things. Date published: 2020-09-25. Mpn: 759. … quick-release lever opens blade at anytime during operation. The ratcheting mechanism involves two steps and has been developed using a patented Klein technology, which allows you to get the same cut using fewer strokes as compared to an ordinary ratcheting cable cutter. Best Whole House Surge Protector Reviewed, Best Surge Protector for Washing Machines & Refrigerators. The tool is quite lightweight and has a thin profile, which means that it is easy to work around with (1/2 inches long, 1.4 lbs. Anti-slip rubber hand offer a secure grip as well as divert some electricity while cutting. High precision, cast jaws for efficient cutting without deforming cables. Southwire is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment. They can get into such confining workspace as manholes and handholes. It is a convenient tool but has nothing special in its ergonomics. Ratchet cable cutter A series of ratchet cable cutters designed for copper and aluminium cables up to 500 mm2. Cable cutters or wire cutters are usually hand-held tools requiring a simple one or two handed operation, using two steel blades to cut through wires or cables, similar to a pair of scissors. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Twist Anvil Secateur. The final remaining products were all excellent, so I decided to get reviews about them from electricians and vendors in the market, who would know these products to the tiniest of details. Greenlee is a top American manufacturer of electrician hardware. The Tempco TH0036 ratcheting cable cutter can be used to cut aluminum (1000 MCM) and copper (750 mcm) wires. Now, while this list is not exhaustive, it does give you quick access to some of the best cable cutters I have come across and used myself. The blade is heavy duty in nature and can easily cut aluminum, copper and steel wires (aluminum (400.000 SQ-MM) steel (28.000 SQ-MM), copper (240.000 SQ-MM). 99. 4.5 out of 5 stars 242. Ratchet structure design of compact ratcheting cable cutter easily cut cable and can be used in tight areas High Carbon Steel copper ratchet cable cutter prolong it’s lifetime, Well hardened blade … Ratchet cable cutter for Copper and aluminum cable, Ratchet cable cutter for High voltage cable, DIFVAN electric is a professional tool supplier for all kinds of ratchet cable croppers like: J40, J52, J75, These ratchet cutters can be used to aluminum cables and armored cables. Ratchet cable cutters with precision cutting edges to effectively cut fine stranded copper cable and copper & aluminium up to 240sq mm. Cable cutter - Ratchet Heavy duty, ratchet action cutters for effortlessly cutting of large diameter cable. RATCHETING WIRE CUTTER - 556 ACSR, These patented conductor cutters are half the size and weight of standard ratchet cutters. Aesthetics wise, the cutter has a yellow and black color scheme (reminds of DeWalt’s color scheme!) Ratchet Cable Croppers is made up of 4 parts: mechanical design dear, aharp knife, retractable, non-slip massage handle. With more than 20 years of experience in producing terminals, we have the largest production capacity than anyone. Southwire Tools & Equipment Ratcheting Cable Cutter, Why Should You Buy A Ratcheting Cable Cutter, How I Selected The Ratcheting Cable Cutters For My List, Ratchet Cable Cutter, Center Cut, 10-1/2In. » NYM-J Cable » Rubber HO7RN-F Cable » SWA Split Concentric Cable » SWA XLPE LSF Cable » SWA XLPE PVC Armoured Cable » Security Alarm Cable » Single Core and Earth 6241Y Cable » Singles LSF 6491B Cable … DIFVAN’s sales team has 10 members and they make sure that you can get a quote within 24 hours! There are so many options in the market that are great choices. Klein Tools 63060 Cable Cutters, Ratcheting Heavy Duty Cutters for Up to... Southwire 58277740 Tools & Equipment CCPR400 Heavy Duty Compact Ratcheting... TEMCo HD Ratchet 1000 MCM Wire & Cable Cutter Electrical Tool 500mm²... Higher cutting capacity and reduced hand force for easier cutting of large diameter cables, Patented two-step ratchet mechanism requires fewer strokes per cut, Cuts up to 600 MCM Copper and 750 MCM Aluminum, DURABLE ratcheting cable cutters perfect for cutting up to 750 kcmil copper and 1000 kcmil aluminum cables, MINIMAL CABLE DISTORTION: Hardened steel blades ensure consistent cuts and long-term durability, REPLACEABLE BLADES provide long lasting cutting of copper and aluminum wire, Handle locking mechanism along with collapsed handle length minimize space consumed in your tool bag. Design-wise, the company has ensured that you can work with this ratcheting cable cutter for long hours. The things I focused on were blade quality, cutting ability, steps in cutting and ergonomics. He loves troubleshooting complex electrical issues, and coaching the next generation of apprentice electricians. Southwire Heavy Duty Ratcheting Cable Cutter. In practice, they open in less than half the space required for long-handled ratcheting … The Power Drive Ratchet Pruner are the best ratchet pruners based on the value they provide. The ratchet … Compare 36 cable ratchet products in Tools at SHOP.COM, including Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter Ratcheting (Cable and Wire Cutters) by Klein Tools model: 63700, 11 SHOP.COM Marketplace … Two-step ratcheting … The quick lever release will let the blades open during the cutting process without any hassle. large- finger-formed handles have limit guards and plastic covering … For cutting copper wire up to 600 MCM and aluminum wire up to 750 MCM, use the Klein Tools Ratcheting Cable Cutter. Let’s dive straight into the reviews. Gardening comes with its fair share of tasks and upkeep, but one of the most notable duties … and a straight handle. Temco is another American brand on our list. Item #471896 Model #CCPR400. Copyright © difvan 2018. The CCPR400 can cut both copper (750 KCMIL) and aluminum (1000 KCMIL) wires. David qualified as a Master Electrician in 2009, after working as a Journeyman for 3 years. The sleek compact construct allows you to cut cables in tight areas where other cutters fail. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to request a specific electrical or electrician related topic. DIFVAN electric also produce hydraulic crimping tool, terminal crimping tool,there are many models that you can choice, If you want to find the crimping tools, DIFVAN electric is a great choice. C.K Cable … Ratchet Cutter TOOLING G-GMP-75247 CABLE CROPPERS SPECIFICATIONS Length 220mm Weight 0.28kg ORDERING INFORMATION G-GMP-15304 Cable Croppers Designed for cu‘ng Copper & Aluminium Cables (not suitable for steel or ACSR). £35.99 New. Category: Ratchet Cable Cutter. A ratcheting cable cutter is a crucial part of an electrician’s tools list. Electrician Job Description: What’s The Job All About? Now I laid down some specifications to base my further shortlisting on. The ratcheting cable cutter by Greenlee is one of these products. ), without wearing out quickly. Well, not many electricians have the luxury of time to find the best ratcheting cable cutter for themselves. sales@cbsproducts.com www.cbsproducts.com +44 (0)1572 723 665 D-557-4-F SPANOMETER CABLE … C.k T3678 Heavy Duty Ratchet Cable Cutter. Other options New and used from $24.65. Now, for starters, I decided to eliminate any products that have a poor performance rating or below standard customer feedback. Would probably go for larger size next time though however these do cover all domestic cable sizes so far.

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