You can add wording, dates, logos or intricate detailed artwork. Silverwood has been designing and making award-winning high quality professional-grade bakeware in Birmingham, UK since the 1960’s. See how we crafted knives for one of the country's best restaurants. Get involved in our world. I’ve been trying to find more but haven’t seen any, even on the Tala website. We began manufacturing quality steel blades in 1864, working alongside famous names such as Benjamin Huntsman and Henry Bessemer who were responsible for inventing the steel production processes that transformed the industry. All the custom knives you'll see here are hand made entirely by me, Guy Stainthorp. All of the products sold on Made to Last are manufactured in the UK. Knives by Type Ask any chef what their most important bit of kitchen kit is, and the answer is the same: their knife. Love this site….now looking for pan sets that are British made and non toxic and this week, ( because this site exists), I will be ordering Richmond Kettle Heritage 7 as its British made, and works on all types of hobs, induction included. Their staff have descended from generations of local families who have always been in the business of making chinaware. The Famous Sheffield Shop Limited 475 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PP United Kingdom “I believe that a knife needs to be as thin as possible,” he says. Search their kitchenware selection for trivets, cookware, enamelware, racks and more. Stainthorp Custom Knives... fine handmade blades for the hunter, collector or outdoorsman. Custom Hunting Knives. Although not all Dualit products are made in the UK their toaster has been hand built in the UK since the 1950’s. We aim to list new pieces every week or so. Joseph Joseph Elevate knives carousel set (£80) Richardson Sheffield Scandi 5-piece knife set (£108) Judge Sabatier IV knife block set (£75) Robert Welch Signature Book Oak knife block set (£250) BergHOFF Leo 5-piece knife block (£50) Lakeland fully forged stainless steel 5-piece knife block (£79.99) Dartington’s vision was built on a clean and simple design style, handmade using age-old techniques. In 2017 Simplex Kettles by Newey & Bloomer resumed production ensuring the exacting standards as they were over 100 years ago – hand-crafted from solid copper with a solid molten-tin lining – a method that has stood the test of time and a foundation stone upon which the qualities associated with the Simplex Kettle has become world-renowned…for generations. They do not import any chinaware, it is all made here in their own factory. All Brands High Quality Kitchen Knives From Russums - Made In Sheffield! If you want to have a knife made completely to your specifications, now's the time to get in touch. Our order book is back open again for a limited number of slots. The Art Rooms is a Yorkshire based studio in the beautiful world heritage village of Saltaire. All that I’ve found seem to be out of stock. Their team are passionate about our heritage and are keeping alive a traditional skills and passing them on to future generations of potters. Thread Drawn by Tobyboo create embroidered illustrated gifts and home ware, from tea towels to tea cups. We have one simple goal: to make the best knives we possibly can. A fine grain structure allows for a very keen edge. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, with their team working constantly on new products designs while ensuring their current products are of the best quality for their loyal customers. Independently assessed to be amongst the finest blades in the world, all of our knives are made in-house, combining the finest materials with revolutionary design, … I make one off handmade kitchen knives using Sheffield steel and custom handles made from ethical woods, recycled materials and handmade composite layers. What is it? They’re proud to say they’re one of the last remaining British bakeware manufacturers. Perkins & Morley are design duo Jill Perkins and Jan Morley – two women who produce different, unique designs and have a passion for cards, gifts and home-wares that celebrate nature, wildlife and our landscape. Featuring fully replaceable or repairable parts, timeless styling and the unique, patented Proheat element. The chef knives below have high carbon steel blades, 4.75mm and 3mm spines and 225mm long blades, hand forged high bevels forged 1/2 up the blades. Search their kitchenware section which includes a range of cookware from Netherton Foundry. They are beautiful, of amazing quality and utility! Sold Out, 7 Inch Stainless Steel Boning Knife With Maple & Elm Handle, £345.00 Nutmeg and Sage offers a range of kitchen and dining wares. Their online store has their designs on a whole range of kitchenware, from tea towels and aprons to chopping boards and mugs. “It doesn’t matter if the blade is very sharp, if it’s too thick the knife wi… Yesterhome are a small family business with a big heart based in the heart of the Midlands, an area known for its industrial heritage for centuries. Buy from me with the confidence that my Knives are made by hand from start to finish LOW PRICES ALL THE TIME All my Knives & Sheaths are made the old fashioned way, (with blood,sweat & tears! The combination of extraordinary designers and craftspeople, along with over 200 years of experience in making ceramics in their Derbyshire pottery, creates beautiful, versatile and durable collections. Blok Knives hand make kitchen knives in Derbyshire. Sort By. For over 50 years, many notable design figures have come together to use their passion and skill to grow the brand into what is now the only remaining factory scale producer in the country. A very helpful article to source British made items. Established in 1947, A Wright of Sheffield are now one of the UK's best knife manufacturers. Exactly what I was looking for, and I will now be able to buy a new frying pan that has been manufactured in GB. Duchess China are one of the few remaining Fine Bone China manufacturers in the UK to be 100% British – made in Stoke On Trent. Original ‘thread drawings’ are turned into beautiful prints to adorn tableware, bags, stationery and home textiles. For sporting knives, I offer only semi-custom knives. The iconic colourful handles with the 2 silver hoops brighten up any kitchen but it’s the durability, workmanship and innovation which people associate mostly with Nutbrown products. Roger Harrington has been a professional knife maker since 1997 trading as Bison Bushcraft or in his name, although that isn't where his passion for making knives started. By the 1870s, production had expanded to electroplated teapots and trays and it started to become a significant exporter in the 1910’s and are still going strong. We stock only the highest quality items made from professional-grade materials, carefully finished by true Sheffield craftsmen. Each design is custom made and finished in Wolverhampton England by Robin Lumley. They pride themselves on the quality and design of their products, including their beautifully designed and UK made knife racks. All proudly made in Britain. Learn about Auctions, Ready-Made Sales and Ordering Custom Knives. Newey & Bloomer first manufactured Simplex Kettles in 1903. Their products include a range of kitchenware including fine bone china, tea towels, coasters, aprons and chopping boards and bespoke commissions. Every Simplex Kettle is proudly stamped with Made in England as their hallmark. Sheffield Knives J. Adams Ltd, 124 Scotland Street, Sheffield, S3 7DE, United Kingdom. You might also want to check out the homeware in our directory Their workshop is in a heritage converted cotton mill in Darley Abbey Mills. Kitchen Knives from Sheffield Knives England. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I prefer not to buy anything from China. and how to avoid it →, ← WIN – A Jacket from Sustainable Clothing Brand Pajotten, 091 – Britwashing. Will be using these companies now to update my kitchenware, not a lot in my kitchen that is 100 percent British made and British owned. After many hours of searching online for ‘kitchenware made in the UK’ and the results being everything but, I found this article. Samuel Groves are a Birmingham-based manufacturer of kitchen equipment. feature your business with Make it British here. It quickly became the most recognised manufacturer of simple yet functional glassware in the UK. I am going to buy a stainless steel pan set from Samuel Groves. A fine grain structure allows for a very keen edge. I offer a few ready-made kitchen knives and semi-custom handmade chefs knives based on the profiles that I am most comfortable with. They’ve been making stoneware in Derbyshire since 1809. We’re making sure we buy British manufactured goods and are starting by buying a quality set of Samuel Groves pans, you can’t beat quality British engineering! Tobyboo also creates exclusive and bespoke ranges. These beautifully made specialist knives are part of … Bisbell Magnetic Products put the first magnetic kitchen storage rack on the market back in 1977. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. She has applied her simple yet recognisable style to a varied collection of luxury lifestyle products including kitchenware. I am also trying to find sellers of the made in England Typhoon tea kettle. Salter Housewares is the leading British manufacturer of consumer Bathroom & Kitchen Scales for over 260 years.

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